Sunday, September 18, 2011

Desk Fix up and Fun Finds!!

Hiya sweeties!! Just thought I would share a few fun finds I picked up while running some errands last week.... found myself stopping at a couple garage sales and this is what I found!! Some adorable vintage greeting cards, a pretty tin, some vintage Avon cuties, those large finial type things are candles, couple bags of shells and a repro vintage sign! Then I just wanted to share the redo of the French Provincial Desk and Chair I picked up a couple weeks ago!! "forgive my grass, we think we accidentally burned it with too much weed and feed, it looks terrible now :O("

I am joining in on Miss Mustard Seeds Linky Party this time around, if you have not been to her blog trust me you need to go now ;O)

Well my daughter and I have been down with the crud this last week so not much else to share but hopefully a few of you might enjoy what I do have ;O)

Have a GREAT week everyone! Many hugs!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Things from the Garden and Fun Finds!!!

Happy Labor day weekend my sweet friends!!! Just wanted to share some pretty flowers and roses from my garden/ yard!!! I am in no way a seasoned gardener but hope you enjoy!!!

Lots of pink stuff below so will be joining my favorite place to go viewing on Saturday.... Pink Saturday with Beverly at How Sweet the Sound!!!

I had to cut most of this down as it had already bloomed and the Japanese Beetles have been terrible this year so they did a number on my rose bush. The sink was something I purchased for the bathroom I had to remodel last year but it did not fit so rather then sell it I recently decided to put it in the garden so next year I will fill it with some pretty flowers ;O)

These pots I picked up 2 of each style from a gal on free cycle and painted them my favorite colors pink and white, then put some pretty rose bushes in each one!!!

Some of my fun finds !!!

Working on these right now so should have the after photos soon!!!

Recently painted this Urn and Frame!!





OK well that is it for today, I sure hope you enjoyed my photos and have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!!! Many BIG hugs!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just some catch up!!

Hiya sweet friends!! First I want to share this little cutie pie I found buzzing around my garden.... I thought it was a bee but I had never seen anything like it before!! It flew/moved like a hummingbird and though the markings were strange it had the features of some kind of bee. I could not help but stop and take pictures of it even though I am terrified of bees and after posting these on my Facebook page my sweet friend Becca "Of bluebird's and roses" told me it was actually a clear wing hummingbird moth!!!! What a really neat little bugger he if you have never seen one I sure hope you do!!!

Now here are just a few flowers growing up in the garden, so many of my flowers have been invaded by these horrid Japanese Beetles this year so I have not been able to get many blooms because they devour them :O(

See here... look at the leaves.. so sad! I have a ton of roses but they devour them before they even bloom, I am just heart broken. I would love to hear how you all manage them in your garden, this is the first time I have ever had them this bad.

We had a new Vinyl fence put in the end of May beginning of June and I love it love it!!! Makes our yard look so much cleaner and larger!!! These pictures are a month old so I will try to get out this week and get some more since things have grown quit a bit more since then!!

Something else I want to share real quick today are these sweeties I picked up at a garage sale..... what a lucky little find!! Lefton Toodles set, only 1 piece has a tiny chip, the price was shameless and wonderful!!!