Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just a few shares for you!!

Hi girls!!! My baby girl got her 5 year shots today, oh boy was that heartbreaking :O( I was a nervous wreck all day, while my daughter did not think anything of it..... until we got to the office and the needles came out :O( Poor baby, she screamed and cried and said that really hurt mommy. I had tears in my eyes just to see her in pain. I sure wish our kiddo's never had to experience any kind of pain or hurt or illness!!!!!!! I promised her we would do anything she wanted tomorrow so I hope she will forget all about what her mean ole mommy made her have done!!!! Love you baby girl, please forgive mommy, I just want to keep you healthy sweet pea!!!

So on to my shares for today!! I picked up this lot of blue china for $15 today "well yesterday really since it is after midnight". I was so excited to pick it up, I just love the tea pot, sugar bowl and creamer. Unfortunately when I got it home and unwrapped it the sugar bowl top was missing :O( The gal forgot to mention that in the picture it was still OK but got broken when they wrapped it up after taking the picture. In any case if anyone has that missing I would be interested in buying it!!! ;O)

I found this really cute soap dish and 3 tier plate at a thrift store recently and thought I would share them as well!!!

Lastly, I have been collecting and sharing for a couple years now with a wonderful group of ladies from a group called The Shabby Country Cottage.. they have been such a wonderful part of my life and inspiration the last couple years!!! This is my first sharing blog though so I thought I would share some pretties I have picked up that are sitting around my house that they have already seen ;O)

Many BIG hugs!!! Hope you enjoy!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blog you MUST check out!! And a couple pretties!!!

Hiya sweeties!! Yesterday the hubby and I spent the day out organizing my Work Shop/Junk Room!!! I have to say I have sure been doing a lot more junking then fixing so I think it is time for me to spend more time fixing then junking "but maybe not until after the Junk Bonanza ;O) Which leads me to why I MUST post tonight even though I am so tired my eyes are going!!! I follow Ki Nausser esspecially since she is a fellow Minnesotan who is doing big things in the junking community!! Ki's blog lead me to another wonderful blog today Junkologie where there are some wonderful giveaway's "yes FREE giveaway's.... can you say wonderful!!"!!!! I of course am signing up for the Junk Bonanza tickets which I am going to win so you might want to sign up for the!!!! OK well wishful thinking but hey a girl has to try right???? Head over and check this wonderful blog out... I promise you will not be disappointed as she has a lot of fun things going on this blog as well as Whisper Wood Cottage.

I also thought I would share a few recent projects with you while I am posting!!! Here is a mirror I picked up a couple months back at an antique garage sale. This is going to go above my headboard I purchased and fixed up last year!! I will share that with you as soon as I complete my bedroom... I am just finishing up decorating in there "after living here almost a year.... sad but true"!!



Then I thought I would share these 2 chandeliers, I still need to add my pretty satin pink chain covers and some pretty candelabra covers but I was so excited to get them hung up I even forgot to put the medallion's on the!! That will come as soon as I can talk the hubby into helping me take them down again "which could be a while" :O(



Closeup of my paint job!!!


"this was the add photo on craigslist"


Close up of my paint job!

Well have a good night all... hope you have a wonferful junk filled week!!! ;O)

Friday, August 13, 2010

A plaque I re-painted!!

Just wanted to drop in and post the plaque I finished repainting yesterday!!! I think the colors are a little bit lighter in person!! I was so excited to paint this and I think I am pretty happy with the way it turned out!! I love this piece because it is quit 3 dimensional, I love how the victorian man and woman come out of the plaque along with the roses! I will have to maybe take a side photo once I get it on the wall!!! Took me about 24 hours total to complete my paint job but once I get it hung on the wall I think it will be well worth it ;O) Hope you enjoy!!




Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Hutch and some sweet thrifty finds!!!

Hiya all!! Well I am such a sucker for pretty things these days and though I have so much to work on already I tend to browse our Craigslist daily and of course I almost always come across something I can buy and fix up. This pretty hutch was a must have so I went for it!!! I did pay more then I normally would for this but happily as it was being sold at a fundraiser for a local Animal Rescue Last Hope of Minnesota..... that made the purchase feel that much sweeter!! I picked it up this morning and we cleaned it up real good.... after this post I plan to head out and sand it down so the reveal "after photos" will come later but I am really looking forward to working on this piece!!!

Yesterday was grocery shop day and boy were the garage sales all around the city I shop in along with my fav thrift store!! So I of course had to stop at a few places and this is what I picked up!!

So cute cute cute this vintage crib!! I seen this hidden under a table mixed in with large furniture and I pulled it right out and made it mine!!! Then these gorgeous cherubs..... oh my heart went plip plop the second I seen the white hanging pair!!! Must have!!!! ;O)

Then just these few pretty little items I have sitting on my daughters table I had to pick up!!!

Pretty flower pictures and I loved the frame on the right!! Will look lovely all white and shabby!!
A few more pretty items!! On the top piece, the guy has a piece of his leg missing "sigh" but we all have flaws right ;O)

They also have this HUGE park with gigantic slides in the area, since I had my baby girl with me I took her to play at the park!!! She is so good about going with me on my scavenger hunts!!! She loves to go really, I think mostly because she always gets some goodies herself... toys are always in abundance at garage sales here!! I do have the sweetest little girl in the world so she deserves them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;O)
Have a wonderful evening!!! Happy junk hunting to all!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A couple projects!!

Just wanted to stop and share a couple projects I finished this weekend! I have several things I am working on but here are just a couple I finished!!

First this metal rose piece, was gold!! Now a whimsical pretty array of color I think!! Also matches a chandelier I repainted which both are now hung in my dinning room!



Close up

My next project was a scrolled shelf I picked up!!!


Close Up