Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Hutch and some sweet thrifty finds!!!

Hiya all!! Well I am such a sucker for pretty things these days and though I have so much to work on already I tend to browse our Craigslist daily and of course I almost always come across something I can buy and fix up. This pretty hutch was a must have so I went for it!!! I did pay more then I normally would for this but happily as it was being sold at a fundraiser for a local Animal Rescue Last Hope of Minnesota..... that made the purchase feel that much sweeter!! I picked it up this morning and we cleaned it up real good.... after this post I plan to head out and sand it down so the reveal "after photos" will come later but I am really looking forward to working on this piece!!!

Yesterday was grocery shop day and boy were the garage sales all around the city I shop in along with my fav thrift store!! So I of course had to stop at a few places and this is what I picked up!!

So cute cute cute this vintage crib!! I seen this hidden under a table mixed in with large furniture and I pulled it right out and made it mine!!! Then these gorgeous cherubs..... oh my heart went plip plop the second I seen the white hanging pair!!! Must have!!!! ;O)

Then just these few pretty little items I have sitting on my daughters table I had to pick up!!!

Pretty flower pictures and I loved the frame on the right!! Will look lovely all white and shabby!!
A few more pretty items!! On the top piece, the guy has a piece of his leg missing "sigh" but we all have flaws right ;O)

They also have this HUGE park with gigantic slides in the area, since I had my baby girl with me I took her to play at the park!!! She is so good about going with me on my scavenger hunts!!! She loves to go really, I think mostly because she always gets some goodies herself... toys are always in abundance at garage sales here!! I do have the sweetest little girl in the world so she deserves them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;O)
Have a wonderful evening!!! Happy junk hunting to all!!!


  1. I can't wait to see the hutch when it is finished... I love it! Also the vintage crib is great!!! Ya got some lovely pieces.

  2. Oh, you know I just love that vintage crib and the color blue is perfect. One of my weaknesses is vintage doll furniture. Adorable!