Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spaces in my bedroom!!

Hello sweeties!!!

I have to tell you, there sure are so many talented ladies out there!! All the beautiful blogs I have been peeking at lately are just amazing!!! I am just in awwww of how some ladies are able to fit so much into every single day especially having kiddo's at home!!! You are all truly amazing!! Thank you to those of you who take the time to blog about your ventures and share the beauty you create with us!!!!!!

Today I wanted to just share what is happening in some of the spaces in my bedroom!!! I still have so much work to do in there but felt the need to share!! I am always open to comments and suggestions so please feel free "be gentle with me though please ;O)" !!!! I have to warn you I am a little over the top in my design sense but hopefully you can find things you enjoy looking at in the photos!!!

That is my cute little girl a couple years ago on the TV screen ;o) Yes that is my TV, I gave it a!!! Now I just need to make some socks for the!!


  1. Your daughter's picture is precious! What a beautiful little girl. I think your room is very pretty. Sometimes I too, think I'm a wee bit 'over the top' but it's hard to edit out items that bring a smile to your face. I believe you should surround yourself with the things that you love!

  2. OMG Your daughter is sooo cute!!!! Your bedroom looks fabulous!!! I love your headboard!! Where did you find it?? I also love your vanity and little stool! Gorgeous!! I could spend time in your bedroom quite easily. I love it!!!
    Hugs, Laura

  3. Thank you girls, you are both so sweet!!!!!!!!! Laura, I found my headboard on craigslist about a year ago!! I will post the trnsformation of my headboard and vanity for you on my blog this weekend ;O) You can come spend time at my house anytime, I would love to come spend time at yours as well!!!!!!! Hugs to you both and thank you so much for stopping by!!!

  4. You're little girl is just a doll!

    Love the room! The furniture is fab! I agree with the OP who said you should surround yourself with things you love...


  5. Love this room, love this blog! I see you are just getting started and a very good start, I might add.
    I really like your foeget me not dishes you found.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, following and for your prayers!
    Blessings and Hugs- Tete

  6. what a sweet room for a darling girl. it couldn't get more girly!!!