Sunday, September 19, 2010

Time to share!!!

Hello friends, thought I would stop by and share something I finished recently! Unfortunately I thought I took a before picture of the table but I did not :O( So sorry about that!!

I found this table at the goodwill, it was ugly brown and looked like the other half was!! When I brought it home hubby said..... umm why would you buy half a!!Not sure I had ever seen anything like it or even if it was meant to be this way but I LOVE unique and I loved the design on the bottom and well I envisioned it would be an adorable table with a little help!! So I went ahead and brought it home and gave a make over!!! Hope you like it!! I also painted these cherubs to match, the before of them is in a previous post... they were just gold!

After with nothing on it!!

Close up!!

With some cuties on it!!

Also, thought I would share a few goodies I picked up this weekend, nothing too big!! I did not make it to Junk Bonanza "so sad" like I wanted due to hurting my ankle but I did make a couple yard sale stops!!

I did get this GREAT set of oh so pretty pink curtains!!

Everything on the front side of the table is from this weekend!! My favs are the rose finials "you know I will paint them" the candelabra "I will paint that too"!!! ;O)

I love the plate!!

These vintage Jim Beam bottles are fabulous!!
Loved this heart shaped dish as well!!

Pretty plates!!
Many BIG hugs!!! Thank you so much for stopping by!!!!!!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE your 'half-table' and the colour you painted it is simply divine! You did a great job. I love all of your new items - you scored BIG TIME! Have a great day!