Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Buffet Table Fix Up!!

Hiya sweeties!! Well it has been very busy around here this week. We have had a friend of a family member in here to put our bathroom back together that we gutted due to some mold issues we found. I will upload some pictures when the bath is complete!!!

For now though I would like to share a buffet table I finally finished!! I had the knobs on hand so I asked my daughter which color I should use and she said both..... hmmmmmm why not!!!! ;O) I will eventually change them to pink glass knobs but for now this is kind of cute!!



Now speaking of my daughter..... I have a beautiful and sweet 5 year old who is my life ... my world!!!! I do not think I will post pictures of her on a regular basis since this is an open blog but I will talk of her all the time ;O) So just so you know who it is I am talking about I am going to share with you a couple pictures!! She just started dance, tap and ballet so these are recent pics from the last couple weeks!!!

OK that is it for now, hope you enjoy and have a beautiful Halloween weekend!!!

Many Big HUGS!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pretty Dresses

Hello sweetie's!!!! Today I would like to share with you some soft pretty dresses I picked up!! A couple of them will need some mending or altering "broken zippers" and I have a couple that though I soaked them in oxy for 24 hours still have a small stain "I will need to work on those"! Nothing too bad though and for $5 a gown and $1 a nighty you sure cannot complain I think :O)

I love all the pretty colors and the soft flow of them!! In the background you might see a glimpse of the buffet table I am working on!!! ;O)

This one is the only one I know anything about because it is a Gunne Sax dress, she looks so sad hanging from the hanger but I know she will look beautiful displayed on a dress form or of course worn!!!

Oh how I love this beautiful Cinderella style wedding dress!!!!!!! It needs a new zipper but is in excellent shape!!! I am not fond of big puffy sleeves so I thought I could make it into a lace strapped dress!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

This weekend's treasures!!

Hi sweeties!! Well life has been busy lately, really trying to get some things done before snow hits the ground here!! Sure not looking forward to the cold :O( I did go to a few local garage sales yesterday and would love to just share a few of the pretties I picked up with you!!

I thought this was so neat, it is one of those pictures where depending on how you are looking at it you see a different photo!!! I just had to grab it!! Sorry the pictures did not come out real well, it has a glare from the type of material that is used to make it! It even has a little light that you plug in so it shines down on the photo!!!

Then I just loved this adorable lamp!! Already sat him on my mantle!!

Bunch of pretties!!

It is so nice and warm here today, we are going to have company and a bon fire later this evening!!! Hope you all are able to enjoy some friends and relaxation this evening too!!

Many hugs to you all!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Some of my sweet weekend treasures!!!

Hiya sweeties!!! I snuck off on Saturday to hit some garage sales and of course my favorite Goodwill so I wanted to stop in and share just a few of the goodies I picked up!!

First I would like to show you this fabulous gals blog I found today, she has an amazing give away on it!! She also has an Etsy shop and I absolutly love the roses she paints!! Go check out her blog and the beauty she has to share with you, I promise you will not be disappointed!!

Look at this amazing tea set she is GIVING AWAY... WOW!!!

Now on to my thrifty finds!!! ;O)

First I had to buy these adorable dresses, the colors, the ruffles and lace..... so sweet!!! I hand washed them but after they hang to dry all day I will steam them to get out all the wrinkles !! Now if only I could actually wear them... maybe maybe my daughter will be able to someday ;O) They should fit on a dress form for now!!

I LOVE this one!!!! Everything about it, even the big ole bow!!!

This one is a Gunne Sax! Such a pretty pale teal color!

Then I picked this cute little flower cart up!!
Will paint her and seal the wood top before the snow hits I hope!!

Had to grab this big decorative cage, she was a steal!!
Will paint and decorate her !!

Cute little $5 chair will get a new coat of paint!

Then I have to share this super sweet tractor with that really cute little girl on it....hehe!!! That is my sweet baby girl of course!!! ;O) We made a trip to one of our apple orchard's and pumpkin patches yesterday and they had this super sweet pink tractor..... oh I wanted to bring her home ;O)

Ok enough from me for today, hope you enjoyed the photos!!! Many BIG hugs!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Just some cuties I picked up!!!

Hi sweeties!! I just wanted to stop in and share some little treasures I picked up last weekend!! I tend to pick up anything I think is cute esspecially if it is priced well "ah um oh... cheap ;O)"!! Does not have to be old, half the time I would not know if it is old or new anyway.... I have not learned how to figure that out quit yet!! The only thing I really know is if it says made in China ... well it is likely not old!!

Well here ya go this is just a few little items I picked up!!! Not a whole lot but they are kinda cute ;O)

I picked up this old wooden suitcase for 25 cents.... it was full of vintage puzzles too!!! Not so much to look at now but I know I can make it a beauty!!

Well hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend!! Many hugs!