Friday, October 1, 2010

Just some cuties I picked up!!!

Hi sweeties!! I just wanted to stop in and share some little treasures I picked up last weekend!! I tend to pick up anything I think is cute esspecially if it is priced well "ah um oh... cheap ;O)"!! Does not have to be old, half the time I would not know if it is old or new anyway.... I have not learned how to figure that out quit yet!! The only thing I really know is if it says made in China ... well it is likely not old!!

Well here ya go this is just a few little items I picked up!!! Not a whole lot but they are kinda cute ;O)

I picked up this old wooden suitcase for 25 cents.... it was full of vintage puzzles too!!! Not so much to look at now but I know I can make it a beauty!!

Well hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend!! Many hugs!


  1. Wow ... all your stuff is lovely but that suitcase ... for 25 cents is an amazing deal. I recently saw some old suitcases at an antique show and they were all over $30. You did good! Have fun decorating with all your new finds. You also have a great weekend.

  2. This is my first visit. Thanks for joining my giveaway. Wonderful blog you have here! So many cute things to look at.