Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pretty Dresses

Hello sweetie's!!!! Today I would like to share with you some soft pretty dresses I picked up!! A couple of them will need some mending or altering "broken zippers" and I have a couple that though I soaked them in oxy for 24 hours still have a small stain "I will need to work on those"! Nothing too bad though and for $5 a gown and $1 a nighty you sure cannot complain I think :O)

I love all the pretty colors and the soft flow of them!! In the background you might see a glimpse of the buffet table I am working on!!! ;O)

This one is the only one I know anything about because it is a Gunne Sax dress, she looks so sad hanging from the hanger but I know she will look beautiful displayed on a dress form or of course worn!!!

Oh how I love this beautiful Cinderella style wedding dress!!!!!!! It needs a new zipper but is in excellent shape!!! I am not fond of big puffy sleeves so I thought I could make it into a lace strapped dress!!

1 comment:

  1. These bring back memories of my youth. I never had a gown ever, but drooled over the other girls'.
    I do like the one in the 4th photo. The price was sure right!
    Enjoy the frills of a good find!