Monday, November 15, 2010

Failure Failure!!!! Crash Crash!!!!

Ok girls!! I am just doing a little update to let you know my computer decided it was time for me to buy a new!!! I believe my main hard drive decided it was time to crash and burn!! I will either replace the drive with a new one or buy a new PC all together, I am leaning toward buying a new one but it will be much cheaper to just install a new main drive so we shall see. I can do all the work myself luckily~~~!!! I was a computer analyst for many years so I have a lot of experience with it but to be honest it is quit easy to remove and install a new one so if you have this same issue and feel pretty computer savvy..... just go buy a hard drive and give it a shot "directions are inside the box"!!!

One thing I would recommend, ALWAYS buy a computer that gives you the Microsoft Windows disk because if your drive fails you will need that for installation!! Those backup partitions are worthless if your drive is no good or you decide to upgrade it!!

Oh, I am sure most of you know this but ALWAYS back up your drives, I usually do but had not done a full back up in a couple months so shame on me! I use a second internal drive and a 3rd external so I have 2 mirrors of my main drive!! You can use Cd's or DVDs if you like but always have a back up especially of those things you cannot lose like special photo's!!!

Hugs sweeties!!!! Hope you are all excited for the upcoming holidays!! I hope to have some photos for you soon of some of my projects over the last month or so!!


  1. So you're a geek shabby chic girlie. Nice. My son keeps saying I need an external hard drive so if mine crashes, I will not lose my stuff. Maybe after the first of the year. I have had 2 worms this summer. I have a geek friend. I shut it down as soon as it came in and handed him my tower. I have a dell, so it came with the microsoft disc. Then I went into Microsoft and downloaded all the updates.
    I haven't heard about a 2nd internal drive. I'll have to ask my son and geek guy about that.
    I like my dell, but my first one was a Compaq- and they are now tied in with HP, which I do not like, but I loved my Compaq.
    Hope you get things lined out and back to normal- Tete

  2. Thanks for the advice, but I'm just not very techy at all-my mom bought me a backup external hard drive for Christmas last year and I still haven't got it plugged in-my bad!

  3. Bummer!!! Maybe you'll find a great deal on something now because of the upcoming holiday! xox

  4. Aww thank you girls for stopping by!!! I could kiss you for being so sweet and taking the time to leave me some love!!!
    Tete, in my previous job Compaq was all I supported and I did really like them but I quit working around the time they merged so I have not worked much with their current set up. I am pretty fond of having my computers built, too lazy to build my!!! Having more then 1 internal drive depends on the amount of slots you have in your tower, my current tower actually has 3 so I could potentially have 3 internal drives. My tower is gigantic by the!!!

    I should tell you girls, I have not used it but there is an online company called carbonite that does automatic online backup on a regular basis for I think around $60 a year!!! Well worth it if you have sensitive info on your computer you do not want to lose. I have only heard good things about them so if you do not have any other way of back up or in Becca's ;O) It might be a really good option!!! No worries Bec, I am techy but also lazy about backing my stuff up...hehe!! Hugs girls!!!