Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A quick share and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving sweet friends!!

Well I ended up installing a new drive, actually 2 new drives in my computer and some more memory and I have finally finished loading most of my programs so I am happy to be up and running!!!

My daughter unfortunately had strep throat which started on Saturday, poor little thing was running 103 temps and even with Tylenol and Advil I could not get them below 101. I was a nervous wreck, which I imagine many of you have been through!!! Don't think I have ever seen my baby girl so quiet but she got through it and is on the mend now thanks to her antibiotic!! The good part is while sitting next to her in bed when she would be resting I would be working on this cute tree!!!

Pretty boring at the moment as I just finished it last night but I am thinking I will add some pretty mica or silver glitter to the tips of each pom pom and then put some pretty balls and maybe little butterflies on it!! What do you think? I am open to your decorating suggestions??

I love the tissue paper pom poms that are on Martha Stewart's site so what I did was make a bunch of small pom poms, I did open them all the way but rather then fan them to open all the way around in a ball shape I fanned them all one way

then glued the flat side to a Styrofoam piece the shape of a tree!! I also plan to make a matching wreath and some balls hopefully this weekend!!! I have to tell you, making all those little pom poms was very time consuming girls.... holy!! I will put up more pictures when all is complete and maybe a more detailed how I did it later "if needed?", I must get the house ready for guests tomorrow!! ;O)

I also wanted to share a few little things I picked up a couple weeks ago while out thrifting!!

A cute little pink Victorian girl, I could not pass her up!!

A couple of lovely plates!!

OK well I better run, still have a ton of housework to do and need to get started on some cooking!! Hope you all have an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving with family and/or friends!!!

Many BIG hugs!


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  1. So happy to hear your daughter is on the mend! Love your pom poms and your sweet vintage finds! Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, food and fun! xox