Monday, December 20, 2010

Hiya sweeties!!! Hope everyone is ready for Christmas and has a wonderful time!!!! I just wanted to swing in and share a few things I have worked on!! I unfortunately am not ready for Christmas yet BUT that is me every year ;O)

This is a little tree I have in my bedroom. I picked up some Christmas balls at the goodwill for 99 cent per box and painted them all pink with blue designs!

This is a tulle tree I handmade about a week ago, I was waiting to get some decorations for it that I won on eBay but as of today they are still not here :O( So I decided to share the bare tree for now!!

These were just some cute little cherubs I found at the goodwill and painted them up!!

A few more little goodwill finds!!!

I found these cute little nutcrackers and trees at one of our local dollar stores and just had to bring them home and paint them up to match more of my taste!!

One of my small trees from last year!!! Of course that is my little cutie pie!!!

OK well that is all I have for the moment my friends, I wish I had more but I am actually still sadly decorating and working around here but hopefully in the next couple days!!! Hugs to all of you, I sure hope your holidays are everything you hope for and more!!!