Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Roses

Hiya sweeties!!!

OK so I have been working on these throughout the day, yikes they sure do take a!!! The first couple were fine but then, well I would not suggest doing it all in one!!! I imagine it could be the way I am doing them and I am definately not great at it but they are fun to do a couple at a time ;O) Anyway, I do not have an entire dozen yet but I am!!!

So far this is what I have.................. "see next post for more info on these roses"

aside from the one my daughter decided belonged to her, how can I resist such a cute little face ;O)

I am going to start working on some red ones and some white ones next!! I thought a mixture of red, pink and white might be lovely since valentines is also right around the corner!!

Now for fun let me just show off a few of my favorite finds from this summer!!!!

These adorable pictures were also found at the estate sale I talked about earlier
where I found my pretty pink plate!!

And this pretty chalkware cherub was found at a barn sale!! The edge was actually a dark brown but I knew I would bring it home and paint it.... and so I did ;O)

OK well I hope you enjoyed the photos!! It is snowing again here and I guess we are looking at up to 8 more inches.... spring cannot come fast enough this year girls!!!!!!!! Hope you all are staying warm and finding some great past times to get through this chilly, snowy winter!! Of course if you are in the warm states... well your just lucky ;O)

Many BIG hugs,

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tissue Paper Rose and GLITTER!!!

Hi there sweet friends! I wanted to share with you a very pretty rose I just finished making!! When I get time I love to blog hop and a few days ago I ran across a tutorial for a coffee filter rose!! I have been wanting to do the tutorial on Martha Stewart's site as well but I decided to take a look at this tutorial and give it a shot!! My mother's birthday is in a few days so I thought I would try to make her a bouquet that will never die ;O)

Anyway, I did change things up a little bit as I chose to use tissue paper and rather then using the green floral tape I just used some tacky glue as I wrapped the tissue paper around a purple pipe cleaner. I was having a little trouble following the tutorial so I did improvise a little bit but using the basic understanding of it I came up with this pretty!!!!! What do you think????

I think it turned out pretty adorable for my first try!!! So thank you Craftberry Bush for sharing the secret to making your pretty roses, you are an absolute sweet heart!!! Be sure to take a look around while you are there as she has a beautiful blog with many other tutorials!!!
Craftberry Bush Rose Tutorial
OK well that is it for tonight, I will post again as soon as I make a dozen but I must go head off to get some sleep!!! Hope you are all having a beautiful weekend!!
Many Hugs,

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Finished Handmade Heart Gift and some favorite finds!

Hiya sweeties!!

Just wanted to stop and show you the finished handmade heart and rosette gift for my sister!!! I had purchased red crepe paper but it was much too light for my liking so I ended up going with a pretty blue, I think I like it better anyway ;O)

Then I thought I would show you a couple of my favorite pieces around the house which of course involve PINK!!! ;O)

This plate is hanging on the wall in my living room, I picked it up this summer at an estate sale from a lovely gal who was sadly losing her husband to brain cancer. I did pay a bit more then I normally would for things I got there but it was sure worth it and felt good to know I could contribute just a little bit to help her out!! I sure wish and pray we did not have to lose the people we love esspecially in such tragic ways.

This has to be one of my most favorite GOODWILL finds!!! My heart melts when I look at this piece, the colors are so beautiful!! The piece is flawless!!! and the price was fabulous ;O)

Ok well that is it for now, Many BIG HUGS !!!!


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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pretty Hearts!!!

Hiya sweeties!!!

Just wanted to share a couple gifts I am hand making for family members!!!

This one I am still working on for my sister!! The photo is of my daughter and her at the Apple Orchard this summer!!! It still needs the crepe paper trim but I wanted to use pink and red.... I do not have red so I need to make a run out in the freezing cold weather to get some!!! Then I will add some glitter and share the finished product!!!

This one is for my daughters Auntie!!! Of course that is my daughters photo in the middle ;O)

My inspiration and rosette tutorial came from Linda Albrecht's blog I found a couple weeks ago!!! If you want to be creatively inspired just spend some time looking around her blog... the music is not bad either!! ;O)

Another blog inspiration for my heart Ali Lilly

OK that is it for today, hope you like them!!! I am going to go relax and watch Desperate Housewives!! I just started watching it on Netflix, I did not think I would like this show but I am finding it pretty entertaining!!! I am on season 2 right now ;O) Anyone else watch it? Any other shows I should be watching?
Many Big hugs!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Favorite Plate

Hiya sweeties!!

Just dropping in today to show you one of my favorite plates!! I have been meaning to post a picture of it for a while now! Boy I would love to have a set of dishes like this but no such luck "so far ;O)"!!

This is my kitchen at the moment, I plan to paint and add some detail to all my cupboards, add a back splash, paint all the trim around the windows and doors then put in a new floor but finding the energy is my problem!! Anyone want to come help me do it? I have the floor already ;O)

Well that is it for now, hopefully someday I will actually have this house looking real pretty but for now it just has some real pretties in it ;O)
Many BIG hugs!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another Raggedy Ann Piece

Hiya sweeties!!!

Just wanted to stop in and share another Raggedy Ann and Andy Piece I finished painting a pretty PINK instead of red for my daughters room!!

This is what it looked like before, I unfortunately forgot to take my own BEFORE photo so had to link to one on the web!

Not much else for today!!! Everything around here is just a work in progress, by the time I actually finish a room in this house I will probably need to start it over anyway ;O) I do not know how some of you girls get your homes so perfect but I sure do want your secret ;O)!!!

Many hugs!! Have a lovely weekend!

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Raggedy Ann and Andy

Hiya sweeties!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!! I have been busy trying to organize the house and working on some projects!! I wanted to stop in and say hello and share just a couple items with you!!!

First these cute little Bluebird canisters I picked up at our local Salvation Army

I also picked up several Raggedy Ann and Andy Pieces at the Salvation Army. I could not pass these up even though they do not match my decor, they were priced at a steal of a deal!! So I figured I would give them a makeover and possibly incorporate them into my daughters room. I have completed 1 transformation!

Here is the BEFOREHere is the AFTER

The little holes at the bottom are meant for pegs but they were missing so I thought I would see if I could find some pegs to fit, otherwise I will just fill them later with some epoxy or filler and paint over it!! When I was done painting this one my daughter said, mom can I put that in my room!!! Of course that made my day!!!!

Then I thought I would share just a couple pictures of our big Christams tree from this year!!

Ok that is it for now, hope you enjoy my post!!! Many BIG hugs!!