Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Roses

Hiya sweeties!!!

OK so I have been working on these throughout the day, yikes they sure do take a!!! The first couple were fine but then, well I would not suggest doing it all in one!!! I imagine it could be the way I am doing them and I am definately not great at it but they are fun to do a couple at a time ;O) Anyway, I do not have an entire dozen yet but I am!!!

So far this is what I have.................. "see next post for more info on these roses"

aside from the one my daughter decided belonged to her, how can I resist such a cute little face ;O)

I am going to start working on some red ones and some white ones next!! I thought a mixture of red, pink and white might be lovely since valentines is also right around the corner!!

Now for fun let me just show off a few of my favorite finds from this summer!!!!

These adorable pictures were also found at the estate sale I talked about earlier
where I found my pretty pink plate!!

And this pretty chalkware cherub was found at a barn sale!! The edge was actually a dark brown but I knew I would bring it home and paint it.... and so I did ;O)

OK well I hope you enjoyed the photos!! It is snowing again here and I guess we are looking at up to 8 more inches.... spring cannot come fast enough this year girls!!!!!!!! Hope you all are staying warm and finding some great past times to get through this chilly, snowy winter!! Of course if you are in the warm states... well your just lucky ;O)

Many BIG hugs,

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  1. Hi Tammy ! thanks a lot for the wonderful message ! happy to discover your blog ! wish you lots fun and great creative time with your treasure ! hugs