Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pretty Hearts!!!

Hiya sweeties!!!

Just wanted to share a couple gifts I am hand making for family members!!!

This one I am still working on for my sister!! The photo is of my daughter and her at the Apple Orchard this summer!!! It still needs the crepe paper trim but I wanted to use pink and red.... I do not have red so I need to make a run out in the freezing cold weather to get some!!! Then I will add some glitter and share the finished product!!!

This one is for my daughters Auntie!!! Of course that is my daughters photo in the middle ;O)

My inspiration and rosette tutorial came from Linda Albrecht's blog I found a couple weeks ago!!! If you want to be creatively inspired just spend some time looking around her blog... the music is not bad either!! ;O)

Another blog inspiration for my heart Ali Lilly

OK that is it for today, hope you like them!!! I am going to go relax and watch Desperate Housewives!! I just started watching it on Netflix, I did not think I would like this show but I am finding it pretty entertaining!!! I am on season 2 right now ;O) Anyone else watch it? Any other shows I should be watching?
Many Big hugs!!!


  1. Hi Tammy ... Love your 'heart' picture frames! Perfect for gift-giving this time of year! I'm not a big TV fan but I know many who LOVE Desperate Housewives. The only new show I'm kind of hooked on these days is Modern Family! Very well-written comedy! Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Tammy! Thanks for the plug to my blog and work. I love your sweet rose frames. Linda