Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some Cuties to Share!!

Hiya all!! I just wanted to stop in a show you a few treasures I grabbed lately!! This table was just calling my name, I picked it up from a really sweet gal "thank you so much Donelle"!! The color was nice but not for me so I started to transform it already, you know I am excited about something when I start to transform it the day after I buy it!!! ;O)
How it looked BEFORE!! Really cute just the way it was!!! BUT........

Here it is in the middle of it's transformation stage!!! I just picked up that cute little horse planter yesterday and those vases a couple days ago at thrift shops so thought I would show them off!

And look at this great structural piece I found!! Not real sure what I will do with it just yet but I know it has a fun project attached to it ;O) The green has to go but I do like the gold!! Any ideas for it please let me know!!??

I also picked up this pretty little chandelier lamp from a gal who allowed me to see her absolutely beautiful home!! OH MY WORD!!!!! I was excited to get the lamp but that excitement was quickly turned to breathlessness when I walked in her home!!! She has been collecting for quit a while she said and let me tell you she has an eye for decorating and collecting pretty things!!! I could have stayed and looked for hours and enjoyed some tea with her but I thought it be best I did not out stay my welcome so off I went BUT.... I am hoping I can talk her into joining the life of a blogger so she can share the beauty she has created!!! My words can not begin to show you what my eyes seen ;O) "Thank you so much Judy"

OK enough blabbering..... here is the cute chandy lamp!! It just needs a new bobeche so I will have to buy one and re-string the crystals on that side but otherwise she is a pretty little thing!

OK that is it for now, I have to get on my treadmill... only another 110 pounds to go!! I will talk about this another time when I have lost enough weight to feel good about me again ;O) Many BIG hugs!! Tammy

Monday, March 7, 2011

Another Heart

Hiya friends!!

Well I just wanted to take a quick second and share the heart I made for Madison's grandma who is in Arizona for a few months!! I superimposed Madi's face into a vintage image, unfortunately I did not do the best job but hopefully it is still cute!! I used far too much glitter on it but had no way of turning back :O( In any case I still think it is cute so hopefully she will like it!!

OK well I sure hope everyone is doing well!! Many BIG hugs!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hurry up SPRING!!!!

Hiya sweeties!!

Well I just finished putting together 18 milk jugs full of seeds I am going to give winter sowing a shot!! I would LOVE to do more like 200 but being my first time and knowing I am not so good at gardening .... I better keep it small for my first try ;O)

If you are interested in winter sowing here are a few pages that helped me so far!!


Here are my jugs....

I imagine I will put together a few more over the next couple weeks as I get my seed orders!!;O)

So I just thought I would share a few pictures from my first real flower garden last year!! We purchased our house Sept. last year so I tried my best to spiff up the horrible front and backyard!! Hopefully this year will get even better ;O)

This was one of the GORGEOUS Gladyolas that came out of my garden!!! My daughter with a monarch butterfly that hatched out of a cocoon we took care of!
My Garden on the side of our garage/workshop!!

Front Yard .... "not the one across the street"
Front Yard
Roses I planted around the yard!!

OK that is it for now!! Hope everyone is doing well!!! I cannot wait to start seeing gardens blooming!!! Many HUGS! Tammy