Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hurry up SPRING!!!!

Hiya sweeties!!

Well I just finished putting together 18 milk jugs full of seeds I am going to give winter sowing a shot!! I would LOVE to do more like 200 but being my first time and knowing I am not so good at gardening .... I better keep it small for my first try ;O)

If you are interested in winter sowing here are a few pages that helped me so far!!

Here are my jugs....

I imagine I will put together a few more over the next couple weeks as I get my seed orders!!;O)

So I just thought I would share a few pictures from my first real flower garden last year!! We purchased our house Sept. last year so I tried my best to spiff up the horrible front and backyard!! Hopefully this year will get even better ;O)

This was one of the GORGEOUS Gladyolas that came out of my garden!!! My daughter with a monarch butterfly that hatched out of a cocoon we took care of!
My Garden on the side of our garage/workshop!!

Front Yard .... "not the one across the street"
Front Yard
Roses I planted around the yard!!

OK that is it for now!! Hope everyone is doing well!!! I cannot wait to start seeing gardens blooming!!! Many HUGS! Tammy


  1. Hi There! I came here from the winter sowing forum! I used to collect lots of junk too, but got rid of a lot of it when we moved a couple of years ago. I've been gardening for about 20 years and do a lot of winter sowing. Looks like you did things right. Just wondering what seeds you sowed?

  2. Heya sweetie, Thank you so much for stopping by!! Some of the seeds I did are Lupine, Delphium, tritoma "red hot pocker", zinnia's, echinacea, baby's breath,lavander hyssop, aster, foxglove, canterbury bells,penstemon, petunia, painted daisy and a few others I cannot reember the names but I ripped top half of my packets and taped them to the bottom of each jug so I would know what I had ;O) Hopefully I chose the right seeds, I tried to follow the web pages I found but 1 of them might not have been specific to zone 4 so I will just cross my finger and toes and!!! Many BIG hugs!!