Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some Cuties to Share!!

Hiya all!! I just wanted to stop in a show you a few treasures I grabbed lately!! This table was just calling my name, I picked it up from a really sweet gal "thank you so much Donelle"!! The color was nice but not for me so I started to transform it already, you know I am excited about something when I start to transform it the day after I buy it!!! ;O)
How it looked BEFORE!! Really cute just the way it was!!! BUT........

Here it is in the middle of it's transformation stage!!! I just picked up that cute little horse planter yesterday and those vases a couple days ago at thrift shops so thought I would show them off!

And look at this great structural piece I found!! Not real sure what I will do with it just yet but I know it has a fun project attached to it ;O) The green has to go but I do like the gold!! Any ideas for it please let me know!!??

I also picked up this pretty little chandelier lamp from a gal who allowed me to see her absolutely beautiful home!! OH MY WORD!!!!! I was excited to get the lamp but that excitement was quickly turned to breathlessness when I walked in her home!!! She has been collecting for quit a while she said and let me tell you she has an eye for decorating and collecting pretty things!!! I could have stayed and looked for hours and enjoyed some tea with her but I thought it be best I did not out stay my welcome so off I went BUT.... I am hoping I can talk her into joining the life of a blogger so she can share the beauty she has created!!! My words can not begin to show you what my eyes seen ;O) "Thank you so much Judy"

OK enough blabbering..... here is the cute chandy lamp!! It just needs a new bobeche so I will have to buy one and re-string the crystals on that side but otherwise she is a pretty little thing!

OK that is it for now, I have to get on my treadmill... only another 110 pounds to go!! I will talk about this another time when I have lost enough weight to feel good about me again ;O) Many BIG hugs!! Tammy


  1. Love all the pink! I just had to paint over my pink walls in my kitchen 'cuz we are putting our house on the market. Glad to see someone out there who hearts pink as much as I do! Amy

  2. Hi Tammy ~ I absolutely LOVE your wee birdhouse table! I have been on the lookout for one for ages! Happy Treadmilling! xox