Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just some catch up!!

Hiya sweet friends!! First I want to share this little cutie pie I found buzzing around my garden.... I thought it was a bee but I had never seen anything like it before!! It flew/moved like a hummingbird and though the markings were strange it had the features of some kind of bee. I could not help but stop and take pictures of it even though I am terrified of bees and after posting these on my Facebook page my sweet friend Becca "Of bluebird's and roses" told me it was actually a clear wing hummingbird moth!!!! What a really neat little bugger he if you have never seen one I sure hope you do!!!

Now here are just a few flowers growing up in the garden, so many of my flowers have been invaded by these horrid Japanese Beetles this year so I have not been able to get many blooms because they devour them :O(

See here... look at the leaves.. so sad! I have a ton of roses but they devour them before they even bloom, I am just heart broken. I would love to hear how you all manage them in your garden, this is the first time I have ever had them this bad.

We had a new Vinyl fence put in the end of May beginning of June and I love it love it!!! Makes our yard look so much cleaner and larger!!! These pictures are a month old so I will try to get out this week and get some more since things have grown quit a bit more since then!!

Something else I want to share real quick today are these sweeties I picked up at a garage sale..... what a lucky little find!! Lefton Toodles set, only 1 piece has a tiny chip, the price was shameless and wonderful!!!